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The stem cell niche

Papers on the C. elegans gonad and germline.

Singh N, Li KJ, Gordon KL. (2024) Getting there in one piece: The Rac pathway prevents cell fragmentation in a nonprotrusively migrating leader cell during organogenesis. bioRxiv. doi:

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Li X, Singh N, Miller C, Washington I, Sosseh B, Gordon KL. The C. elegans gonadal sheath Sh1 cells extend asymmetrically over a differentiating germ cell population in the proliferative zone. eLife. 2022. 11:e75497.

DG5020_1006_disappearingSh1.tif (RGB)-1.tif

Gordon KL (2021). News &Views: Fatal decision made under pressure. Nat. Phys.

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Gordon KL (2020). Recent advances in the genetic, anatomical, and environmental regulation of the C. elegans germ line progenitor zone.J. Dev. Biol. 2020, 8(3), 14;

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Gordon KL, Zussman JW, Li X, Miller C, Sherwood DR. (2020). Stem cell niche exit in C. elegans via orientation and segregation of daughter cells by a cryptic cell outside the niche. eLife. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.56383.  

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Gordon KL*, Linden-High LM*, Payne SG*, Pani AM, Goldstein B, Hubbard JA, Sherwood DR. (2019). Ectopic germ cells induce niche-like E-cadherin- and L1CAM-mediated cell enwrapment by body wall muscle. Current Bio. 29(5): 823-833.  

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Linden, LM, Gordon KL, Pani AM, Payne SG, Garde A, Burkholder D, Chi Q, Goldstein B, Sherwood DR (2017). Identification of regulators of germ stem cell enwrapment by its niche in C. elegans. Dev Biol. 429(1):271-284.

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Here are papers from our collaborative work with other investigators, featuring a longstanding collaboration with toxicologist Dr. Jessica Hartman of MUSC.

Misare KR, Ampolini EA, Gonzalez HC, Sullivan KA, Li X, Miller C, Sosseh B, Dunne JB, Voelkel‑Johnson C, Gordon KL, Hartman JH. 2023. The consequences of tetraploidy on Caenorhabditis elegans physiology and sensitivity to chemotherapeutics. Scientific Reports. 

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Hartman J, Christopher T. Richie, C, Gordon K, Mello D, Castillo P, Zhu A, Wang Y,.Hoffer B, Sherwood D, Meyer J, Harvey B. (2019). MANF deletion abrogates early larval Caenorhabditis elegans stress response to tunicamycin and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. EJCB.

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Hartman, J, Smith L, Gordon K, Laranjeiro R, Driscoll M, Sherwood D, Meyer J. (2018). Swimming exercise and transient food deprivation in Caenorhabditis elegans promote mitochondrial maintenance and protect against chemical-induced mitotoxicity. Scientific Reports. 8(1): 8359.

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Evolution of gene regulation

Papers from Dr. Gordon's dissertation research.

Gordon KL, Arthur RK, Ruvinsky I (2015). Phylum-level conservation of regulatory information in nematodes despite extensive non-coding sequence divergence. PLoS Genet 11(5): e1005268.


Barrière A, Gordon KL, Ruvinsky I (2012). Coevolution within and between regulatory loci can preserve promoter function despite evolutionary rate acceleration. PLOS Genet 8(9): e1002961.

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Gordon KL, Ruvinsky I (2012). Tempo and mode in evolution of transcriptional regulation. PLOS Genet 8(1): e1002432.


Barrière A*, Gordon KL*, Ruvinsky I (2011). Distinct functional constraints partition sequence conservation in a cis-regulatory element. PLOS Genet 7(6): e1002095.

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